Espresso Royale, LLC

East Lansing 2

Opened in 2009, our 2nd East Lansing location offers a friendly staff and great tasting Espresso Royale coffees, teas, cacaos and treats. There's also plenty of seating, so it's a great place for studying, meeting business colleagues, or just hanging out with friends.

We're conveniently located in the former Cappuccino Cafe store at Lake Lansing and Coolidge roads. If you enjoyed the Cappuccino Cafe, you'll love us -- come in and give us a try.

1500 Lake Lansing Rd.
East Lansing, Michigan 48223
6:30AM - 11:00PM, Mon.-Fri.
7:00AM - 11:00PM, Sat.
7:00AM - 11:00PM, Sun.
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