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Espresso Royale Cafe offers coffee, tea, chai, and a comfortable cyber cafe to coffee drinkers in Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, and Wisconsin.
Welcome to Espresso Royale

Espresso Royale, Main Street Ann Arbor

Espresso Royale keeps winning best coffee and best coffeehouse year after year. Why? Because Espresso royale makes drinks the way drinks should be made. Great coffee, ground right, milk, natural flavors, and no wierd additives. Next time you see another coffeeshop using a mystery powder with an ingredients list longer than a phone book don't buy it.

130 Northwestern Avenue, West Lafayette IN, - Purdue.

In partnership with Espresso Royale of Ann Arbor, Michigan, we are pleased to bring you the finest coffee drinks and atmosphere in the region.
Our hours are 7am-Midnight during the week and 8am-Midnight on weekends. We are active in supporting our local food bank, humane society and art foundation.
Directions and upcoming events can be found on our website;


Location 13
614 Washington Avenue S.E.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414

Located near the University of Minnesota's student union and medical school, E.R.C. #13 is the company's only cafe run entirely by its crew. And who said socialism never works?

Location 11
1229 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

With a neo-antique show motif and its great corner location across from Laurel Village, this E.R.C. cafe is as good a hot lunch spot as it is a relaxing coffee house.

Location 5
411 14th Avenue, S.E.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414

Smack dab in the middle of "Dinkytown", E.R.C. #5 is our company's oldest and most preserved cafe. Known for its undeniable "Beat" feel, this cafe has made a distinct step right out of the 1950's coffee house atmosphere.


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