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Espresso Royale has been dedicated to keeping up with your individual needs and wants. In doing so, ERC has become dedicated to incorporating change - change in customer tastes and in the market at large. Here, you'll find news that will keep you updated on the changing ideas, products, music of Espresso Royale.

Holiday Blend is Coming to Town! 11/2006
You'd better not pout cause I'm telling you why...Holiday Blend will be in stores before Thanksgiving.  Dark roasted two ways, sweet and spicy naturally from the blend of three coffee beans.  No flavors, sorry Grama, just real coffee.
Eco Cups on the way! 11/2006
Finally, the paper industry has figured out how to make paper cups that don't hurt the environment.  The inside of the paper cup is lined with a liner made from corn.  Even the plastic cups will be made from corn.  Hey, even the lids and straws.  This is brillant.  Dust to dust man.Look for them in late January to February.
ERC voted best! 11/2006
The trophy room is piling up.  The Ann Arbor News reader's poll just awarded us "Best Internet Cafe", on top of the Current Magazine and Michigan Daily awards its been another good year here in A2.
Beat Stress - Make Coffee 09/2006
Coffee helps keep the wheel of society turning...
Three New Coffee Blends 09/2006
Kitale is the darkest roast you'll find...
Two New Cacao Royale Flavors 09/2006
Last year Espresso Royale introduced sweetened unprocessed dark cacao - "Cacao Royale"...
Solidario Kids Care Pack 09/2006
If you want ERC to forward care packages to Solidario Kids please send a shoe box with new hygiene products such as tooth brush, toothpaste, soap, combs etc....